The Basics of Digital and Affiliate Marketing

Are you interested in digital marketing? Well, today’s article will be just for you. We will talk about the most basic things you should know about digital marketing and we will also talk about affiliate marketing.

How to Profit from Internet Marketing

About 2 billion people around the world regularly use the Internet, and this number is steadily growing. For many, the World Wide Web has become an integral part of everyday life: it is used both for finding information and for communication. When you think about the limitless possibilities of the Internet, the idea of ??making money on the network looks very attractive.

Define the boundaries of your skills.

It is important to understand what really brings you pleasure and at the same time carries with it opportunities for making money. Of course, you can choose a lesson hastily. But if you know your business well, then the profit will find you much faster. Work will seem like an exciting hobby if done with pleasure. So, if you really love your job, you can easily transfer the enthusiasm to Internet marketing.

Get sales from a well-designed website.

Modern sites use SEO optimization to get high positions in search results. For example, if someone searches for “handmade earrings” on Google, they will start browsing from the top positions of the search engine.

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Use social networks for online marketing.

Using social networks, a large number of users can be sent to the site. Join groups and discussions related to your product. Social media can also boost your search engine rankings. Put a link to the website in your signature.

Encourage action on the part of your users.

Luring them to the site is not enough – information about the products and the possibility of ordering them should be in a conspicuous place. Tell your users what you want to offer them.

Take care of their interests.

The most powerful marketing tool is creating good user relationships. It is he who allows you to run the word of mouth, that is, in fact, provide you with free advertising. Quickly process orders, answer questions and solve problems. It is not possible to make good profits from dissatisfied customers.

Update information on your website.

If your site has not been updated for a long time, it will cause less trust among users. No one will take your store seriously when in mid-July it still continues to broadcast about the New Year’s sale.

Promote sales using registered users’ email.

By compiling a list of addresses, send out newsletters and special offers.


On social networks, lists like “Top 10” are very popular.

Many computers are already manufactured by the manufacturer with basic business software. Check what you have. Perhaps your computer is already equipped with everything necessary to start a trading business.

Sign up for free marketing newsletters or blogs. There are a lot of them on the Internet, so be selective. Choose those that are of value to you. Take note of the ideas that you like, but make sure that your blog is not a copy of other blogs, but the original content.

Do not underestimate your abilities. Advertise your new business every day without stopping.


Your messages on social networks should not be openly advertising in nature. This will not only scare away potential buyers but also become the reason for your exclusion from the group.

Stay alert to online scams. There are many sites that claim that you can make money on Internet marketing. Get enough help before getting your business involved.

How to Make Money On Affiliate Marketing

Hundreds and thousands of companies and webmasters resort to affiliate marketing in order to increase online sales, especially since joining them in most cases is free. As soon as you have entered the affiliate program, a corresponding link with a unique ID on your site will appear on your partner’s site. Affiliate links are used to promote and advertise the goods you sell. If the client acquires something by clicking on the affiliate link located on your site, you will receive some reward for this. Therefore, affiliate marketing is a great way to earn extra money.

Gather information about ongoing affiliate programs.

Find out which products are the best-selling and which are the most popular. Visit the distributor’s website to find out how well their products sell. A marketing efficiency score of even 5% is a good result. This means that 5 out of 100 website visitors place an order.

Join an affiliate program.

Choose a program that includes monthly payments, depending on the number of clicks from your site from a referral link.

Promote your affiliate program through your website.

If you create a site specifically to promote your affiliate program, then you will have more opportunities to redirect potential buyers to your affiliate program. Ideas for the design and organization of the site can be gleaned by visiting professional resources that have similar topics.

The content of your website should be appropriate.

For example, if your partner sells e-books, then you can write reviews for each model or upload their video versions on YouTube by placing a referral link to the website of the partner seller.

Get the target audience to your site.

Obviously, without this, you will not be able to receive payment for clicking on referral links placed on your site. The more visitors you have, the greater the chance to earn. There are several ways to quickly increase Internet traffic:

Pay-per-click advertising model (PPC). With its help, you can attract a significant amount of targeted traffic to the site. The most popular and effective marketing programs of this type are Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing. With their help, you can bring your site to the first lines of the search engines when the user enters the appropriate request. As soon as the user enters the search query that you purchased in the PPC system and presses the search button, your contextual advertisement will be displayed on his page of search results. If the user clicks on this link to your site, then you will be charged for the click per click that you set at the time of purchase. In addition, PPC systems place your ads on other sites that use their services.

Article marketing. Write an article related to the goods sold and place the appropriate link to your site inside it. So that traffic density does not decrease, you must constantly write new articles, and they should be interesting and of high quality. Try to publish a new article at least once a week. Thus, you can significantly increase the number of free visits to your site in a year.

Post in the forums. Post links to your website on forums and websites that are related to the topics of your business interest, use a link instead of a signature. Of course, for this on this forum should be the ability to create signatures in messages. Take the time to study this forum, read the previous posts. To increase the status, it is necessary to ask questions and give comprehensive informative answers to the questions of others. The more people trust you, the more click the link in the signature.

Post a video about your product on YouTube. Such video reviews are the fastest and most effective way to gain customer confidence by showing them the benefits of your product in real time. Since Google became the owner of YouTube, your videos may even appear in the top search results for keywords in this search engine. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to place a referral link in the video itself or in the description for it.


Using the Amazon aStore widget, you can place referral links on your website for products sold in this online store.

Insert banners into the design of the site (especially in the header and footer of the page) and directly in the text. Any high-quality affiliate program implies the presence of banners of various sizes. Of course, the content of banners and referral links should correspond to the content set forth in your blog/article/website.

WordPress has a built-in plugin with which you can add links to text on your blog.


Do not use black SEO methods.

Do not post articles on illegal or prohibited topics.